Welcome to my website.  I'll be posting information about any apps I create here, along with a link for support questions.

I just released an updated version of the app that allows you to select the location you plan to take the test in, and then set the four location based answers for you. You still need to pick your U.S. Representative from a list, but I think that's ok.  The app ships with the current list of Senators, Representatives and Governors - if you have the paid upgrade (IOS only) , then you'll be able to update the database from the web with the push of a button.  If you don't have the upgrade, then you'll have to wait for an updated release.  This update is available for both Android and iOS.  As always, if you have any comments, suggestions or find a repeatable crash condition, please email me using "support @ gordons . net" -- obviously you'll need to remove the "" and the spaces...

Thanks for all the great reviews - I'm glad the App has helped so many of you learn more about our country and also helped you gain your US Citizenship!  Congratulations to you all!

US Citizenship Test 2011 Edition
Use this app on the iPhone to help study for the civics test that is part of the process you must go through in order to become a naturalized US Citizen.  Features all the latest questions updated to reflect the most recent changes in US Government.  Find it on your iOS device in the App Store, or visit it in iTunes by clicking on the following link:


This app is now also available on Android 2.1 or higher - I tried to revise it to use a lower version of Android, but unfortunately I'm not going to be able to get it to run on 1.6...

The app should now function correctly on the latest tablets - if anyone has an issue running it on a tablet please let me know.

Anyway, you can grab it from the Android Marketplace: https://market.android.com/details?id=net.gordons.uscitizenship2011Edition


I've published a new App to the Android marketplace -- it is called Nanoplasm and is a book written by a friend wrapped up in an ad supported eReader.

The App is free and the book is a good read.  It's a sci-fi story with a murder-mystery theme.  There is some language and adult themed content, but no worse than you'd see in the movie theater these days.

Anyway, if you want to check it out on your Android device please visit this link - https://market.android.com/details?id=net.gordons.nanoplasm.

This App will run on 2.1 and higher with full support for Tablets.  In fact, if you run it on a Tablet you'll get some additional display options and a neat two column mode in landscape mode.

Hopefully you like it.

I have an iOS version complete, but that's still waiting some changes to get it on the App store - maybe one day...